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Petition for the liberation of all political prisoners in Cameroon and for the creation of an international commission of inquiry on the mass murder of unarmed civilians by the Cameroon armed forces in February 2008.

http://www.Petition 280208/petition. html

Following sustained popular demonstrations against rising food prices and a planned constitutional tampering to scrap presidential term limits and allow Mr Paul Biya, the Head of State and one of the longest serving autocrats in the world, to hold on to power, several bloody incidents occurred throughout the country. In late February 2008 when government armed forces used excessive force to brutally supress peaceful protects. As a result,

- More than 100 people were killed according to local human rights organisations, while several others were seriously injured;

- About 2000 Cameroonians were arrested and a over a 1000 of them have been sentenced to up to 15 years in prison and remain detained under poor conditions in several prisons in Cameroon. Many of these political prisoners are presently ill and are not allowed to received medical treatment;

- Many independent medias have been closed and broadcasting rights have been severely restricted.

We, the undersigned, urge the United Nations, the African Union, and the international community to:

1- Put pressure on the Cameroon dictatorial regime for the immediate release of all political prisoners arrested following the mass demonstrations of February 2008;

2- Call for the establishment of an international and independent commission of inquiry in Cameroon to carry out a thorough investigation into the bloody repression of unarmed civilians by the armed forces and to take judicial actions against those responsible for the bludgeoning of unarmed civilians and other human rights violations that are occuring in Cameroon;

3- Denounce the massive human rights violations and the continuing exactions of Biya’s antidemocratic government against civilians;

4- Monitor the political situation in Cameroon to prevent a descent into civil war that now seems virtually inescapable since the incumbent autocrat has successfully manipulated the constitution to remain in power.

Petition initiated by:

International Committee for the Liberation of Political prisoners in Cameroon (Freedom for Joe & Co.)

Cameroon Democratic and Patriotic Network in the Diaspora (CODE)

Please sign the petition here:  http://www.Petition 280208/petition. html


Please sign the petition here:      http://www.Petition 280208/petition. html